2nd National Workshop on Nanotechnology

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May 5, 2019
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May 2, 2019

Faculty: Education
Department: Physics
The workshop in brief: The 2nd National Workshop on Nanotechnology was organized by the Physics Education department, Faculty of Education, Tishk International University. The event started on Dec 23rd and it lasted for two days. First-day events started with the registration of the participants. More than 200 from several institutions participated in the workshop.

Date and time: 23th-24th December 2018
Place: Faculty of Education Building-room 302, TIU.
Session topics: 

  1. The novel therapeutic approach of using herbal nanopowder in Photodynamic therapy (PDT).
  2. On the History of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
  3. The Effect of RF-Plasma Power on the Growth of III-Nitride Materials.
  4. A Theoretical Analysis of Transport Characteristics of Nanoparticles in Porous Medium.
  5. Optical and Acoustic Grüneisen Parameter of Nano-sized Particles.
  6. Calculation of the Band Structure for GaAs and ZnTe Nanoparticles from the Density Functional Theory Based on LDA, GGA, and HSE06.
  7. Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor of Toxic Nanoparticles in Aqueous Systems.
  8. Shape Effects on Light Absorption and Scattering for Nanoparticles in Thin Organic Films.
  9. Influence of the Size Reduction on the Thermal Conductivity of Bismuth Nanowires.
  10. Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles Prepared from Green Synthesis Using Euphorbia Petiolata Leaves.
  11. Analysis of Nanopore Structure Images Using MATLAB Software.
  12. Water Purification Using Green Synthesis Nanoparticles.
  13. Water purification by Nanofibers using Electrospinning Technique.
  14. The Present and future of nanotechnology: our perspectives.
Presenters names and affiliations:

  1. Prof Dr. M-Ali H. AL-Omari (from Jordan)-JUST Jordan University of Science & Technology
  2. Dr. Mustafa Saeed Omar – Salahaddin University
  3. Prof. Dr. Samir Mustafa Hamad – Soran University
  4. Prof. Dr. Azeez A. Barzinjy – Salahaddin University – Tishk International University
  5. Prof. Abdulrahman Kh. Suleiman – Salahaddin University
  6. Dr. Botan J. Abdullah – Salahaddin University
  7. Dr. Nasih Hma Salah – Salahaddin University
  8. Dr. Karwan W. Qadir – Salahaddin University
  9. Mr. Ibrahim Nazem Qader – Raparin University
  10. Prof. Dr. Haidar Jalal Ismail – Salahaddin University
  11. Manaf Ali Mohammad – Duhok University
  12. Dr. Ibtisam Saeed Majeed – Duhok University
  13. Mrs. Suhad Abdulrahman Yasin – Duhok University
  14. Asst. Prof. Dr. Khedir R. Khedir – Duhok University