International Clinical Orthodontic Workshop

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Master Scholarship opportunity from the US government
August 22, 2019
Tishk International University | Workshops
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August 19, 2019

Faculty: Dentistry
Department: Dentistry
The workshop in brief:

  • The aims of the workshop:
    • Introduction to orthodontic.
    • How to select a patient.
    • The cause of malocclusion and its prevention from early age.
    • At which age we should start orthodontic treatment.
    • How to use removable appliance.
    • Study model and cephalometric analysis.
    • How to select arch wire and proper position of bracket.
    • Treatment of class 1,2,3 malocclusion.
    • deep bite and open bite treatment.
    • how to use mini screw in orthodontic.
    • leveling and alignment in orthodontic.
    • space gaining and closing +midline correction.
    • lingual approach as new way for orthodontic treatment prevent relapsing in orthodontic clean.
  • 60 dentist Participants had attended the workshop.
  • Workshop profit: 6000$.
Date and time: 22th-23th November 2018 – 09:00 AM
Place: Faculty of Dentistry – TIU  
Session topics: 

The workshop includes 16 modules full clinical:

  • Normal occlusion with ideal occlusion.
  • Cast analysis.
  • Cephalometric errors.
  • Problem oriented approach.
  • Comprehensive orthodontic.
  • Biomechanics and type of tooth movement.
  • Expansion in orthodontic.
  • Optimization of orthodontic elastics.
  • Impacted canines.
  • Management of deep bite malocclusion.
  • Extraction vs non extraction decision.
  • TAD.
  • Treatment of class 3 in growing patient.
  • Finishing and retention in orthodontic.
  • Patients follow up, training and group discussion.
Presenters names and affiliations:

The workshop was presented by 9 local speakers and 7 international speakers

  • Rawan Dizayi (senior in Khanzad teaching center).
  • Anis Mahmud.
  • Prof. Dr. Omar Fewzi (lecturer in HMU/Dentistry Faculty.
  • Sangar Hamid (senior in Khanzad teaching center).
  • Samir Al-Halabiya.
  • Dr. Fakhri Al-Fatlawi (Head of Iraq Dental Association).
  • Haval Jalal (lecturer in Technical Institute).
  • Mulheim Dumeirieh.
  • Zaid AL-Dewachy.
  • Mehemed Hilmi.
  • Joseph Boserhal.
  • Dr. Anwar Ahmad.