Mechatronics In Real Life

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June 30, 2019
Tishk International University | Workshops
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June 30, 2019

Faculty: Engineering
Department: Mechatronics Engineering
The workshop in brief: 

Mechatronics Engineering Department under the Faculty of Engineering organized a Second National Workshop under the title of “Mechatronics in Real Life” on 22th & 23th of May 2019. The presenters from various university like Asst.Prof. Dr. Abdul Salam T. Hussain, Alkitab University College, Asst. Prof. Dr. Dlair O. Ramadan, Erbil Polytechnic University (Erbil Technical College). Dr. Abdulazeez Ali Alani, TIU. They presented their thoughts on the workshop theme. The workshop consisted of four sessions with 55 participants.

Date and time: May 22th & 23th, 2019
Place: Tishk International University-Education Building-Room #302
Session topics:

The areas of Engineering covered in the workshop were as the following:

1. Introduction to Microcontroller
• Latest Technology of Microcontroller Analysis
• Design and Implementation for Variety of Human-Machine Interactions

2. Mechatronics in Manufacturing
• CNC Machines
• G codes & M Codes Programming
• Videos for design and Implementation of the CNC Machines

3. Robotics and Sensors.
• Introduction of Robotics and Sensors
• Design and Implementation for Robotics
• Programming on Robotics
• Applications of Robotics and Sensors

Presenters names and affiliations:

• Dr. Abdul Salam T. Hussain, Alkitab University College.
• Asst. Prof. Dr. Dlair O. Ramadan Erbil Polytechnic University(Erbil Technical College).
• Dr. Abdulazeez Ali Alani, TIU.