Pop workshop

EDAS (Editor’s Assistant) Workshop
May 26, 2019
Introduction to Passive House Design
May 5, 2019

Faculty: Education
Department: ELT
The workshop in brief: 

Education faculty organized a workshop entitled POP workshop to its senior students. Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, (Head of the Board of Trustees), started the sessions with a presentation about Tishk International University. The aim of the workshop is to motivate its undergraduates to educate the students. The workshop brought up experienced teachers from different schools to present workshops about how they educate student effectively. Teachers from several schools presented a series of workshop to ELT students. At the end of the sessions, the presenters were certified by dean of education faculty Dr. Suleyman Celik. The workshop had 40 participants.

Date and time: 02nd  March  2019 (09:00-17:00)
Place: Education Faculty Building, TIU.
Session topics:

  • Suggestions for new teaches
  • Teaching Touches on a Teacher’s Life: Stories from Refugee Camps
  • Should we done/must have done
  • Providing a safe educational atmosphere by eliminating the question marks in students’ minds
  • Making reading and writing more interactive
  • English How to be a successful teacher
Presenters names and affiliations:

1-Mr. Sercan Oz- Ronaki International School-Erbil

2- Mr. Mustafa Baser- Ronaki International School-Erbil

3- Mr. Recep Bilgin- Ronaki Duhok Boys’ College

4- Ms. Shahida Nurmatova- Ronaki International School-Erbil

5- Mr. Anwar Abdullah Muhammad- Zhari Aiynda Private School