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August 7, 2019
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Using Downhole Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing Technology to Monitor, Control and Improve Well Performance
August 4, 2019

Faculty: Engineering
Department: Computer Engineering Department
The workshop in brief:

The department of Computer Engineering held a workshop on Research Methodology on November 29, 2018 by Dr. Mohammed Mumtaz. This workshop provided 4th grade students with a complete guidance for BSc final project. Participants have learned what are the scientific methods that should be followed in their final year project, how to search on scientific references and how to use and organize them in the report, and how to prepare their final presentation of project. The workshop will also highlight the students’ duties of final project in both the first and second semester. The workshop was designed to guide the students on how to write chapter 1-5 in an efficient manner based on the template followed by Tishk International university. 1st session: 25 participants 2nd session: 26 participants.

Date and time: November 29, 2019, December 06, 2019
Place: Tishk International University-Main Building – Lab201
Session topics: 
First Session: Skills to write Chapter 1-3 of Bsc Final Project. The aim of this session is to give the students a general information about their duties for the final project at current and next semester, the session aims to teach the students the skills for searching scientific articles that should be used in final report, finally the session will give the student scientific ways that should be followed when writing their final report starting from chapter 1 through chapter 3 Second Session: Skills to write Chapter 4-5of Bsc Final Project. The aim of this session is to provide the skills to write chapter 4 and chapter 5, and the scientific ways to import the references and to use and organize them in final report, finally, the session will give the students the guidance to prepare the slides of the final project.
Presenters names and affiliations:

  • Dr. Mohamad Mumtaz Aldabbagh, Tishk International University.