The Modern Legislative Trends in Establishing Media Immunity in the Field of Media work

June 8, 2022
Financial Inclusion: Iraqi Private Bank League.
June 6, 2022

Faculty: Faculty of Law
Department: Law
Type of the workshop: International workshop
The workshop in brief: Immunity problems are becoming demanding challenges under the traction of Antitrust Law due to configuration complexity and vast computational resources. The workshop focuses on the impulse immunity of media in the developing countries.

Participants: 45 Participants

Date and time: 26th Apr 2022
Place: TIU – The main building – hall 401 (online via Zoom meeting)

List of session topics:

1- Why freedom of expression is important?

2- Freedom of expression and media freedom.

3- Limitation of law in the field of media freedom.

Presenters names and affiliations:

Dr. Musawi Abdul-Halim Universte de Tlemcen – Algeria.

Outcome of the workshop:

The workshop provided an opportunity to learn about the general principles behind defamation law – and lawyers, who will also practice developing litigation strategies in the event of defamation suits against their clients. For the legal participants, the assumption is that they are qualified and competent lawyers, with experience of litigation, freedom of expression or human rights law.