The Place of English Language in Our Lives: How Well Do We Realize It?

Global Entrepreneurship
April 25, 2021
Drilling Problems
April 18, 2021

Faculty: Education
Department: ELT

Type of the workshop: International Workshop
The workshop in brief:

The purpose of this event is to explore and discuss the place and role of the English language in our lives by bringing academicians from different countries and allowing our students to benefit from the experiences of these professional people.

Participants: 65 participants.

Date and time: April 8, 2021.
Place: Online via zoom meeting.

Session topics: 

  1. English Teaching-Learning in Bangladesh: Caught on a Cusp of both Expansion and Confusion.
  2. Trending Versus Appropriate Language Use: The Position of Standard English in Formal Written and Spoken Communication among University Students.
  3. The Role of Learning English Language in Improving Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
  4. Kahoot As an Alternative Learning Tool in English Language Teaching.

Presenters names and affiliations:

  1. Assist Prof Sazzad Zahid, Islamic University, Kushtia/Bangladesh.
  2. Assist Prof Martha Terna-Abah, Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja/Nigeria.
  3. Ms. Kurdistan Qadir, University of Suleimani, KRG/Iraq.
  4. Prof. Alpaslan Toker, Tishk International University, Suleimani/Iraq.

Outcome of the workshop:

Workshop participants realized the place of the English language in our lives again through the invaluable insights and international professional expertise of the keynote speakers.