1st Joint Workshop on Professional and Academic Development in English Language Teaching and Learning

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2nd Excellent paper symposium
July 15, 2019
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1st National Workshop on automation simulation with PLC-MATLAB for solar energy in mobility (Automation Workshop: PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER (PLC))
July 11, 2019

Faculty: Preparatory School and Foundation
Department: Preparatory School and Foundation
The workshop in brief: 

Preface: this workshop was jointly held by Tishk International University and the University of Sulaimani. It is a scientific meeting that brings together experts, academics and English Language instructors from different educational platforms to have a training style workshop to brainstorm and have collaborative cooperation to reveal innovative concepts about teaching and learning the English Language so as to spur the participants to make further investigation in their field and educational environment.
Purposes of the workshop: The purpose of this workshop was to achieve an effective professional development by inviting lecturers to share and exchange their experience to develop the effective knowledge and skills successful academics need to address students’ learning challenges and propound productive and functional ways to tackle the obstacles that they encounter. Discuss, deliberate, find out solutions and ways to promote as an academic researcher.
Number of Participants 54

Date and time: March 30th, 2019
Place: Tishk International University, Sulaimani Campus
Session topics: 

1.      Daily classes, teaching load and how to improve as an Academic Researcher

2.      University teachers’ burnout Causes and Solutions

3.      Communication Problems facing University Academics

4.      Strategies of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Presenters names and affiliations:

  • Dr. Aziza Kavlu (Ph.D. holder in Educational Sciences), TIU
  • Ass. Lecturer – Kurdistan Muhammad, Sulaimani University
  • Ass. Lecturer – Fatima Jelal, Sulaimani University
  • Dr. Sara Kamal Othman (Ph.D.  holder in Cognitive Linguistics), Sulaimani University