2nd Excellent paper symposium

1st National Workshop on Engineering Applications of Nanotechnology
July 15, 2019
1st Joint Workshop on Professional and Academic Development in English Language Teaching and Learning
July 11, 2019

Faculty: Engineering, Suli Campus
Department: Civil engineering & Business Management
The workshop in brief: 

Number of Participants 750-1000

Date and time: Februry 28th, 2019
Place: Talary Huner Sulaimani
Session topics: 

  • Appropriate tense in academic writing
  • Finding a journal for publication
  • Characteristics of High-Quality Research
  • Female Researchers: Obstacles and Opportunities
  • Evolution in predatory publishing
  • Impactites: The impact factor myth syndrome
Presenters names and affiliations:

  • Ahmed M. Fakhraddin –Kerkuk University
  • Abdulkareem – Hayat University Erbil
  • Ahmet Demir –TIU Sulaimani
  • Samah A. Mustafa
  • Fahmy Kakamad-Kscien