2nd Excellent paper symposium

Tishk International University | Workshops
1st National Workshop on Engineering Applications of Nanotechnology
July 15, 2019
Tishk International University | Workshops
1st Joint Workshop on Professional and Academic Development in English Language Teaching and Learning
July 11, 2019

Faculty: Engineering, Suli Campus
Department: Civil engineering & Business Management
The workshop in brief: 

Number of Participants 750-1000

Date and time: Februry 28th, 2019
Place: Talary Huner Sulaimani
Session topics: 

  • Appropriate tense in academic writing
  • Finding a journal for publication
  • Characteristics of High-Quality Research
  • Female Researchers: Obstacles and Opportunities
  • Evolution in predatory publishing
  • Impactites: The impact factor myth syndrome
Presenters names and affiliations:

  • Ahmed M. Fakhraddin –Kerkuk University
  • Abdulkareem – Hayat University Erbil
  • Ahmet Demir –TIU Sulaimani
  • Samah A. Mustafa
  • Fahmy Kakamad-Kscien