Academic (scientific) writing

Mapping learning outcomes and ECTS calculation
February 16, 2020
National workshop: Student-Centered-Learning approach (SCL) in Iraqi Kurdistan as a distinct learning approach to meet student needs
February 12, 2020

Faculty: Dentistry
Department: Dentistry 
The workshop in brief:

The workshop about academic writing was held to help students at Dentistry to develop their scientific writing skills and be familiar with thesis/essay writing. The workshop focused on finding and reviewing the literature, paraphrasing, thesis (essay) structuring and paragraph structuring.

Number of participants: 50 fifth grade students had attended the workshop.

Date and time:  January 23, 2020 at  (13:30 PM)
Place: TIU, Dentistry Faculty Building
Session topics: 

  • A Brief introduction to a scientific writing.
  • Hands-on training regarding (paraphrasing, sentence and paragraph structuring).
Presenters names and affiliations:

  • Dr. Ranj Nadhim Jalal, BDS, Ph.D. (TIU/Dentistry Faculty-Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department).
  • Saad Mheallddin Mahmud, MSc (College of Language, University of Salahaddin).