Estimated Efforts Using Swarm Intelligence

Education During a Pandemic: Challenges and Prospects
August 12, 2021
July 15, 2021

Faculty: Engineering
Department: Mechatronics Engineering 
Type of the workshop: National workshop
The workshop in brief:

The workshop will talk about the Estimation factor in building and designing software in the first session, the second session will explain an application and implementation of Swarm intelligence software.

Participants: 38 participants from different universities TIU, Salahaddin, Mosul, and some universities from India.

Date and time:  June 17, 2021 at 11:00-12:00
Place: Online

Session topics: 

  • Basics of estimation factor in building and designing software.
  • Characteristics of swarm intelligence.

Presenters names and affiliations:

  1. Assist. Prof Aseel W. Ali ALNuaimy, Mosul University.
  2. Assist. Lect. Ferdous A. Abdulkader, Mosul University.
Outcome of the workshop:

Over the years, Estimation factor in building and designing software have been the brain of thousands of projects, from everyday objects to complex scientific instruments due to its simple and accessible user interface.  It was a one-day workshop where everything from basics to the fundamentals was taught to the students. The workshop was conducted by Dr.Aseel W. Ali who is the faculty member of software engineering department at Mosul University.

Additional knowledge of proximity sensor was also provided to the students. With the help of this workshop, we have tried to instill a basic knowledge of Estimation factor in building and designing software on students which will be very useful to them for their future project.