Estimated Efforts Using Swarm Intelligence
August 8, 2021
International Workshop on “Arduino: Fundamentals and Coding” (Online)
July 7, 2021

Faculty: Education
Department:  Physics 
Type of the workshop: National workshop
The workshop in brief:

On March 6, Saturday, 2021, Department of Physics Education organized “4th national workshop on innovative teaching skills in physics”. It was performed according to schedule online through zoom platform from 10.30 AM till 14.00 AM. More than 45 participants attended to the workshop. 11 speakers shared their experiences. After each talk, participants also found chance to ask questions to the presenters. At the end of the workshop participants filled in the online certificate form and evaluated the workshop. According to the feedbacks, participants found the workshop beneficial. And according to participants’ rating, the average is 4.4/5.

Participants: More than 45 participants – online Teachers Academic staff from the TIU – physics department School principal Students We can prove this number by two ways: 1. We have the pictures of attended people from zoom meetings. (The pictures below can be checked.) 2. We have collected attendee information thorough outlook forms. The names of people attended were provided with certificates.

Date and time: March 6, Saturday, 2021
Place: TIU and Online

Presenters names and affiliations:

1. Dr. SULEYMAN CELIK and Dr. SEMIH AYDIN OPENING SPEECH-Importance of Sharing teaching experıences
2. Mr. QANDIL NADIR – PRINCIPAL of RONAKY PRIMARY SCHOOL “How Do Parents See The Teachers? – Teachers From The Point of Parents”
3. Mr. SALIH HASSAN High School Physics Experience
4. Mr. SARBAST JALAL Being a Teacher Abroad
5. Ms. BAHRA ARKAN Teacher Experience in Primary School Science
6. Mr. ABDULKAREM ABDULRAHEM How Do Graduate Students Remember Their Teachers?
7. Mr. MOHAMMED SALM Educational Standards
8. Mr. OMER FADHIL Being A Primary School Science Teacher
9. Ms. BASIRA HAYDAR HAMA Teaching to Primary School Students
10. Mr. KARZAN TALIB MUSTAFA How Do Students See Their Science Teacher?
11. Ms. RUKHSAR TAHA HAMA Teaching High School Physics Online

Outcome of the workshop:

We can state the outcomes of the workshop from the words of participants who made comments on the feedback form: Some of the participants’ comments are: “As a student it was really beneficial for me, because we are the future teacher. And god willing we will do best for our students, like the teachers that they shared their experience in the workshop. (thank you)” “I enjoyed it very much, and I learned as a teacher how I deal with my students.” “It was great, I could get benefit from that for my teaching process when I’ll become teacher, Thanks.”. “It was amazing and very informative for us thanks a lot to all dear teachers we appreciate it, and we want more workshop like this.”