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June 14, 2021
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May 30, 2021

Faculty: Education
Department: Biology
Type of the workshop: National Workshop
The workshop in brief:

The aim of this workshop is to have collaboration between the university and the real community, so the Biology Education Department at the Faculty of Education invited experienced teachers from different schools to share their experiences with our pre-service teachers.

37 participants (Students, departmental staffs and teachers)

Date and time:  March 6, 2021, starting at 10:00 till 17:00.
Place: TIU, Faculty of Education Building and zoom.

Session topics: 

  1. Sercan Oz, “Adapting Classroom Experience: Education from pre-pandemic normal to post-pandemic normal”
  2. Hemin Star Ismail “Positive Discipline”
  3. Ridvan Karaca  “1st year challenges and how to overcoming”
  4. Aydin Col former head of Biology “Why teaching!?”

Presenters names and affiliations:

  • Mr. Sercan  Oz, (Senior Education officer for stirling school monitoring and supervising teacher professional development.
  • Mr. Hemin Star Ismail (united science college).
  • Mr. Ridvan Karaca(ronaki international school).
  • Dr. Aydin Col (former head of Department).
Outcome of the workshop:

The participants received good idea from teachers regarding the teaching experience and the obstacles they may face during education. Moreover, they learnt from experienced teachers how to overcome these obstacles.