International Workshop: I’m a Plant Breeder

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June 30, 2022
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June 21, 2022

Faculty: Faculty of Education
Department: Biology Education
Type of the workshop: International workshop
The workshop in brief: Based on advancement in breeding process and how this process is crucial for humanity. Moreover, to introduce the plant breeders and their job opportunities. I’m a Plant Breeder workshop has been organized by the Biology Department of the Faculty of Education at Tishk International University, in collaboration with Sultan Zain-Al-Abidin University. The following were the workshops objectives: · To discuss about the plant breading history. · To know plant breading impacts on human life. · To get the idea about the modern plant breeding techniques. · To discuss how plant breeding is crucial in developing plant resistance to diseases and different environmental threats.

Participants: More than 60 participants

Date and time: 18.Nov.2021 3:00 am. – 5:30 am.
Place: Online

Session topics: 

  1. I’m a Plant Breeder, and why I became!
  2. 2. Plant Breeding challenges and advancements.

Presenters names and affiliations:

Mr. German Mingramm Yarza- Green world Genetics Sdn.Bhd Mr. German Mingramm Yarza is a breeding consultant of the program of “Green World Genetics” and the

staff for several non-profitable organizations, universities, and Research centers. Moreover, he is an independent plant breeding consultant for different small seed companies, farmers willing to create their own hybrids.

Outcome of the workshop:

Based on the presentations and active discussion which have been done during the workshop the following outcomes have net:

· Plant breeding is a crucial process to develop resistance to diseases and pests, to drought and temperature extremes, and to improve quality factors that can positively impact the lives of people throughout the world.

· Advancement in plant breading could be an aid in providing a sustainable life.

· Genetic based breeding as the application of agricultural biotechnology could be a life threating as well as lifesaving mechanism.