National Workshop: Language Teaching and Teacher Training

Applications of Remote Sensing & GIS in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
May 15, 2022
Computer Technology in the context After Covid-19
May 11, 2022

Faculty: Faculty of Education
Department: ELT Education
Type of the workshop: National workshop
The workshop in brief: The aim of the workshop is to bring the professionals in the field together to discuss the trends in language education, to exchange ideas and experience in terms of methods of teaching the English language, the demand of today’s job market, as well as providing a practical session-demonstration of the various ways of using technology in language teaching followed by the discussions of the techniques used. The speakers of the workshop are the specialists who have experience in teaching EFL in different countries on different levels and training/supervising EFL teachers in primary, secondary, high schools, and universities. The workshop is believed to be useful in building bridges between the university, community, and K-12 schools tightening the relationships and cooperation improving the language education that is able to go in hand with the rapid changes the region is facing and meet the demands of the society, employers, and all other stakeholders.

Participants: Approximately 60 people

Date and time: February 26, 2022 starting at  9:00 am
Place: Faculty of Education Building

Session topics: 

1. Why Continuing Development Matters?

2. What to Expect When You Start Teaching?

3. What Is It Like to Be a Teacher of Different Ages?

4. Panel Discussion: Compatibility of the ELT graduates in the job market

Presenters names and affiliations:

1. Mr. Muhammed Canbaloglu (Stirling Educational Company)

2. Ms. Suraiya M. Ahmed (Cambridge International School)

3. Panelists (Dr. Sami Hussein, Mr. Hewa Fuad, Ms. Hannah Kamal, Ms. Fatimah Saadi, Mr. Soran Mustafa, Mr. Reman Sabah)

Outcome of the workshop:

1. Increase the awareness about the trends in Language teaching.

2. Revealing the demands of the market

3. Sharing experience.

4. Strengthening the ties with the public schools and the Faculty of Education.

5. Enlightening the participants about what to do when they first start working as a teacher.