International Workshop on Curriculum Development

Covid-19 Effects on SMEs
March 9, 2021
Basic first aid workshop
March 2, 2021

Faculty: Education
Department: ELT
Type of the workshop: International Workshop
The workshop in brief:

Education is not only for knowing, but it also plays a pivotal role in constituting what a person is, what he will be, and how she positions herself in personal, social, or societal life contexts. All those life contexts are interpreted, experienced, and constructed by people themselves. The resulting narratives are sometimes explicit and verbalized, sometimes implicit and unelected. One of the most inspiring thoughts in Bill Doll’s theorizing of curriculum has been the ground-breaking analyses of ghosts. The ghost is a powerful metaphor, character in a narrative, related to understanding the life world.

Participants: 40 teaching staff from Iraq and Finland.

Date and time:  February 18, 2021
Place: Online.

Session topics: 

  1. Curriculum Development: Demands of Today
  2. Complex Conversations on Curriculum Ghosts and the FiveC’s Revisited Strengthening Teacher Professional Identity
  3. Group Discussion:
    • What kind of spirits (ghosts) according to Bill Doll’s idea of ghosts, do we recognize in our curricula?
    • How can we use the five C`s to discuss and to improve our curricula?

Presenters names and affiliations:

  1. Suleyman Celik TIU
  2. Dr. Eero Ropo Tampere University
  3. Golaleh Makrooni Tampere University
Outcome of the workshop:

  1. Sharing experience
  2. Revealing the necessity to consider the hidden curriculum in curriculum and syllabus design
  3. Strengthening the relationships with Temper University
  4. Inspiring the participants for further research