LASER in Dentistry: Breaking the Code of Concepts

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February 10, 2020
5G Technology: Challenges & Innovations
December 24, 2019

Faculty: Dentistry
Department: Dentistry 
The workshop in brief:

  • The basic understanding of Lasers in Dentistry and relating the core concepts in choosing the most specific power parameters required for the specific clinical scenario. Clinical tips on maximizing the efficiency of the LASER unit.
  • The objectives of the workshop were to enhance the knowledge and application of the LASER in dentistry and learn to solve certain problems encountered during the LASER application.

Number of participants: 50 fifth grade students and research assistants from TIU, Dentistry faculty attended the workshop.

Date and time:  December 22, 2019 (13:30 PM)
Place: TIU, Dentistry Faculty Building
Session topics: 

  • 1st session: Types of LASER and usage of each.
  • 2nd session: Indication and contraindication of LASER.
Presenters names and affiliations:

December 18,  2019

Assist. Prof. Dr. Niladri Maiti (TIU, Dentistry Faculty, Endodontic department).

The outcome of the workshop:

The workshop enabled the students to know about the basics of laser application and it’s uses in different fields of dentistry. It also helped students to decide the choice of wavelength to be used in particular cases.