1st National Workshop on Engineering Applications of Nanotechnology

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Physical Chemistry Characterization of Modified Bitumen
August 4, 2019
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2nd Excellent paper symposium
July 15, 2019

Faculty: Engineering, Suli Campus
Department: Civil engineering sulaimani and physics education
The workshop in brief: 

Number of Participants 30

Date and time: April 29th, 2019
Place: Tishk International University Sulaimani
Session topics: 

  • Nanotechnology: A Brief Overview.
  • Green Synthesis Nanoparticles and Some Applications.
  • Green Synthesis Nano-catalysts and Their Use  in Removing Crude Oil Aromatics.
  • Applications of Nanomaterials in Construction Industry.
Presenters names and affiliations:

    • (Asst. Prof.  Dr. Azeez A. Barzinjy- Selahaddin University-Erbil & TIU-Erbil).
    • (Asst. Prof. Dr. Samir M. Hamad- Soran University).
    • (Dr. Diyar Kaka – Koya University).
    • Talk (Mr. Ilham I. Mohammed- TIU-Sulaimani).