International Workshop on “Arduino: Fundamentals and Coding” (Online)

July 15, 2021
Teaching for Transformation
June 30, 2021

Faculty: Engineering
Department: Mechatronics Engineering
Type of the workshop: International
The workshop in brief:

The International Workshop on “Arduino: Fundamentals and Coding” (Online) was hosted jointly by: Mechatronics engineering Department, TIU, Iraq; and Mechatronics Engineering Department, Kongu Engineering College, Erode, Tamilnadu, India during May 4th and 5th 2021. The workshop was conducted through Google meet online platform. The Students, Academicians and Engineers of various Universities and Colleges from different parts of the world: Iraq, India, United Kingdom, North Africa and Malaysia. The total number of participants about 100 for both sessions. The workshop was designed primarily for Students and staff concerned as follows: 1.Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Sketch Constructs
2. Introduction to Arduino: Pin configuration (i/o digital analogue PWM) and their Applications.
3. Control Constructs
4. Arduino Library and Built-in Example
5. Sensors; Servo motors, stepper motors, Dc motors And simulation of the results.

Arduino controllers, are very widely used for small projects and quite popular with the students because of their availability and low price. Majority of the final year projects (FYP’s) are Arduino based. This workshop will help the students and give them a head start in terms of writing effective sketches (programs) that will solve the practical problems they could encounter. The workshop concentrates on the Arduino Uno as they are available at the Electronics laboratories.

Participants: 94 Participants.

Date and time: 4th & 5th May, 2021 @ 10 AM
Place: TIU and Online

Session topics: 

Day 1: Introduction to Arduino and Sketch Examples
Day 2: Arduino Programming for Motor Control Application

Presenters names and affiliations:

1.Dr Ezideen A Hasso, Head of Department, Mechatronics Eng., TIU, Erbil, Iraq
2.Dr Priyanka E B Asst. Professor Kongu Engineering College, Erode. India

Outcome of the workshop:

Over the years, Arduino have been the brain of thousands of projects, from simple objects to complex scientific instruments due to its simple and accessible user interface. It was a 2 day workshop where everything from basics to the fundamentals was taught to the students. The workshop was coordinated by Asst. Prof Sivakumar N S who is the faculty member of Mechatronics Engineering, TIU as well. On the first day, Prof. Dr Ezideen A Hasso started the event workshop by giving brief description of the components which will be used during the workshop along with the basic coding required for coding Arduino UNO. Home Automation which is an upcoming field in the designing of houses was taught to the students. In this, he showed them how we can control the switches using our phone via Bluetooth module. On the second day, Dr Priyanka E B taught the students how to make coding for motor control on an Arduino Uno. Students were able to control the rotation of motor with the help Arduino Uno. Additional knowledge of proximity sensor was also provided to the students. With the help of this workshop, we have

tried to instill a basic knowledge of Arduino on students which will be very useful to them for their future project.