A joint workshop on ‘Coexistence and Ethnic-based Discrimination in the Kurdistan Region’ “we are all citizen”

July 30, 2020
National Workshop on Entrepreneurship
March 3, 2020

Faculty: Faculty of Administrative Science and Economics
Department: International Relations and Diplomacy
The workshop in brief:

The workshop aimed at the following:

  • Enabling students to recognize and identify different types of social discrimination.
  • Raising student’s awareness of push factors, perpetrators, and consequences of social discrimination.
  • Sharing discrimination stories and student’s experiences related to social discrimination within their communities.

Number of participants: 30 staff and students.

Date and time:  November 28, 2019
Place: TIU, Main Building
Session topics: 

The workshop consisted of two parts: in the first part, Dr. Dilshad Hamad, Head of IRD, presented a talk on the issue of coexistence in the post-ISIS Kurdistan Region. Mr Sangar Salih from Peace and Freedom Organization (PFO), gave a presentation on the ‘We are All Citizens’ project. The second part consisted of a group work and discussion between over a dozen TIU students, which was facilitated and supervised by:

  • Ms. Vanda George, PFO
  • Ms. Svana Zana, PFO
Presenters names and affiliations:


  • Dilshad Hamad, TIU
  • Mr. Sangar Salih, Peace and Freedom Organization (PFO)
  • Ms. Vanda George, PFO
  • Ms. Svana Zana, PFO

Educational sessions:

  • Bayad Sarwar, TIU staff.
  • Ms. Soma Bahaddin, Y-Peer Network.
The outcome of the Program assessment workshop by QA:

It was a great opportunity for the students to come together and share their ideas and views on the topic and to suggest ways for the improvement of societal cohesion in the Kurdistan Region.