Development of Mobile Apps Using Flutter

International Workshop on Modern Computer Technology Applications
April 7, 2021
ITETI: IT Education Towards Industry
April 1, 2021

Faculty: Science
Department: IT
Type of the workshop: National Workshop
The workshop in brief:

This workshop talks about building Mobile Apps using Flutter framework. The aim is to provide the IT staff with an opportunity to meet professional programmers to show them a roadmap for getting a potential career and Keep IT staff well-updated about the latest technologies in the industry.

Participants: Around 150 participants.

Date and time: March 1 , 2021.
Place: Online using Free Conference Call Platform.

Session topics: 

  1. Theory introduction about mobile apps development.
  2. Practical session on creating a mobile application using Flutter.

Presenters names and affiliations:

  • Mohammad Salim Al-Othman – IT department at TIU university
  • Dr. Mohammad Jadoaa – Computer Science department at Al-Maarif university.
Outcome of the workshop:

  1.  The audience were impressive about Flutter and how it’s simple to be used.
  2.  It motivated a lot of staff and students to learn about this technology.
  3. The audience liked that our Tishk International University and its IT department is teaching latest technologies in the industry to our students.