Electronic Arbitration as a mean for Settling International Trade Disputes

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May 2, 2021
Corruption Crimes
April 27, 2021

Faculty: Law
Department: Law

Type of the workshop: International Workshop
The workshop in brief:

With the growth of international trade, businesses are increasingly exposed to new partners, legal systems, and trade practices. These new opportunities can bring new risks, particularly if vital information and market intelligence is missing. Arbitration remains the most popular method for resolving international trade disputes, but mediation is growing in popularity. With arbitration and mediation institutions now existing in most countries and regions of the world, this publication provides greater transparency on how these processes work and how they can provide relatively inexpensive and quick access to the resolution of disputes for small companies in developing countries. Furthermore, the wider effects of corruption on the rule of law and sustainable improvement are not only harmful but destructive, especially when the justice sector is undermined.

Participants: 36 Total, 12 Staff from law department/TIU, 17 Staff from law department/ University of Kirkuk, 7 guests from other Arabic Universities.

Date and time: April 01, 2021.
Place: Online through zoom meeting.

Session topics: 

  • Session 1: The concept of electronic arbitration and the advantages and disadvantages of electronic arbitration.
  • Session 2: The motives for resorting to electronic arbitration and the legal procedures followed in electronic arbitration.
  • Session 3: Common reasons for raising disputes in electronic arbitration in developing countries.

Presenters names and affiliations:

  • Dr. Ramiz Mahdi Mahmood / Lecturer at Gaza University/ Palestine.

Outcome of the workshop:

  • It is strongly recommended to the drafters to look for a clause of well-known arbitration centers in developed countries.
  • Produce an enforceable award without the intervention of the courts during the arbitral process, to rectify those complications caused by mistakes in the drafting of the arbitration clause.
  • The drafters must consider that there is not a clause applicable to any kind of situation or circumstances. Therefore, throughout analysis is indispensable effective clauses.