Medical Emergencies at Dental Office

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January 24, 2022
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January 24, 2022

Faculty: Faculty of Dentistry

Department: Dentistry 

Type of the workshop: National workshop
The workshop in brief: Members of the dental team have a responsibility to guarantee that their patients receive an effective and safe treatment. In terms of equipment, training, standards of care, clinical governance, risk management, and clinical audit, a satisfactory performance in a medical emergency in a dental office has a wide range of implications.


  • To enable the participants to have an understanding for medical risk assessment of their patients·
  • To enable the participants to recognize the important signs and symptoms to look out for to help correctly diagnose each emergency.
  • To enable the participants to respond effectively and safely to a medical emergency.
  • To enable the participants to understand how to avoid the medical complications.
  • To enable the participants to know the recommended doses of drugs and routes of administration.

Participants: 92 participants from academic staff of Dentistry Faculty-TIU participated in the workshop

Date and time: January, 12, 2022
Place: Dentistry Building | Tishk International University – Erbil

Session topics: 

  • First Session: Introducing and discussing the medical emergencies.
  • Second Session: Hands-on training on emergency management.

Presenters names and affiliations:

Dr. Farman Shekhani, B.D.S, F.K.B.M.S, Oral and maxillofacial specialist.
Outcome of the workshop:

The workshop simplified preparing for medical emergencies in the dental office by having an emergency action plan in place, recognizing and managing complications due to systemic diseases, in addition to explaining the best methods of management.