New Approach of Accounting Application

Workshop on Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021
January 6, 2022
New Approaches to Improve Teaching Quality of University Level Mathematics
December 20, 2021

Faculty: FASE
Department: Business and Management/ Sulaymaniyah
Type of the workshop: National workshop
The workshop in brief:

-New Developments in the Accounting

-Introducing the accounting QuickBooks software

-evaluating the theory and practice in the Accounting field

Date and time:  December 7th, 2021
Place: Work Well Institute – Conference Hall.

Session topics: 

1st: Introducing Work Well Institute and their programs in the market?

2nd: Cloud Computing in Accounting

3rd: Accounting Digital Skills

Presenters names and affiliations:

1. Ms. Dashna Wshyar / Work Well Institute

2. Ms. Dilnaz Dersim / Work Well Institute

3. Dr. Hariem Abdullah / TIU-Sulaymaniyah

Outcome of the workshop:

Following points have been mentioned and explained in detail.

· Importance of the technology in the Accounting

· Securing the Information for Accounting

· Using cloud, QuickBooks

· Monitoring and Controlling in Accounting