Workshop on Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021

Small Businesses in Kurdistan: Opportunities and Challenges
January 9, 2022
New Approach of Accounting Application
December 21, 2021

Faculty: Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics
Department: Business and Management
Type of the workshop: National workshop
The workshop in brief: The objectives of the program were to honor global entrepreneurship week and to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to share and exchange ideas.

Participants: More than 54 audients

Date and time: November, 10, 2021
Place: Education Building, Hall302 | Tishk International University – Erbil

Session topics: 

– What is Entrepreneurship?

– Success Story

– Can anyone be an Entrepreneurship?

Presenters names and affiliations:

1. Mr. Safeen Raouf MBA, PMP®, B.E. A business consultant for AUB (American University of Beirut).

2. Mr. Arian Hama Entrepreneur/ Marketing Consultant

3. Yadgar Merani/ CEO and CO- Founder of LEZZO

Outcome of the workshop:

This workshop successfully achieved the aim of representing Global Entrepreneurship Week and providing a platform for entrepreneurs to share and exchange ideas.